We have two full-fledged manufacturing plants one for Heavy Engineering& Fabrication and the other of  hot dip the other of Hot dip Galvanizing, Situated close to each other in industrial Development Areas of ta Hyderabad(India).The production facilities are equipped with sophisticated machines and latest technology. 

Our Heavy Engineering & Fabrication unit is situated in Hyderabad, installed in a covered area for 8000sq.mtr equipped with all necessary machinery to handle heavy machines job with an installed capacity of 2500MT per month. This unit is also equipped with all material handling equipment. 

Our hot dip galvanizing, plant situated in Hyderabad, spread over a land of 1300 sq. Mtr equipped with galvanizing bath size 7.5mtr x1mtr x1.25mtr with seven tank processes, have a capacity of galavnizing1800MT per month.

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